Hug Shrew!
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I was making some Louies the other day, and my mind was lingering an bit; so I was sketching that cute little shrew one evening, and I thought it could be great to make some out of resin. They are like a … Read More

Meet Octave the parakeet
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Octave’s parents wanted their son to follow in their footsteps and be an opera singer just like them. But Octave wanted to be an entomologist, so he now spends his days studying the most amazing insects (although he wishes sometimes … Read More

Shop update!
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Today’s shop update is live on Etsy! Six new handmade accessories were added, including my all new shrews, the “Léopoldine” design! Hope you like them ;)

Léopoldine the shrew!
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Léopoldine often falls asleep during the day… while walking for example. Because of that, she often puts herself in danger that she is not even aware about, and wakes up with a bump on her head without knowing why. Meet … Read More

Brooches in the shop!
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Hey :) Today I give you a rendez-vous on my shop for a big update! I made nine brooches for you I also have a big surprise for you: you can enter my giveaway to win one of these pretty … Read More

Bye bye, Salomé!
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[:en]Hey! Today, a pretty little Salomé flew away to New Caledonia, where her owner is waiting for her :) This one is a custom order, it’s always a pleasure to craft something unique for someone so if you’ve got something … Read More

[:en]Blue Pétronille for adoption![:fr]Pétronille bleue à adopter![:]
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[:en]Hi everyone! I hope you like what’s in the shop so far; I have another one up for adoption today, it’s a blue Pétronille! She was really fun to make, I’m happy about her; I hope she finds a new home … Read More

[:en]The shop is now open[:fr]La boutique est ouverte[:]
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[:en]I am proud to announce that the Monster Pie shop is officially open! It has been such a great journey so far, but actually it has just began… Thank you to everyone who has supported me during this past few … Read More

[:en]This is goodbye![:fr]Ce n’est qu’un au-revoir :)[:]
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[:en]Hi! :) Today was the first time a Monster Pie plush ever left the workshop for a new home… I felt a bit emotional, actually, but it’s a first big step and I enjoyed so much the look on the … Read More