Sculpting toolkit tour!
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I figured I would post something interesting here, since I haven’t for quite some time :) I asked my Instagram followers if they would be interested in a toolkit tour, a couple of them said yes so here we go! … Read More

New sculpt: Beetle Girl
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I’m happy to present to you Beetle Girl, my new toy design! I don’t know exactly when I will release them cause it’s a big project I have, but in the meantime, enjoy these progress photos: I sculpted the master … Read More

Hug Shrew!
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I was making some Louies the other day, and my mind was lingering an bit; so I was sketching that cute little shrew one evening, and I thought it could be great to make some out of resin. They are like a … Read More

Making silicone molds for Louie
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I’m super excited right now! I just finished making my first silicone molds for Louie, and I thought I would share my process with you. I made lots of errors but I know for next time :) I started by … Read More

New supplies!
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It’s been a while that I wanted to make something out of resin! About 6 years ago I stumbled upon the ball-jointed doll community (bjd), and I realised that lots of French artists were making their own: Lillycat, Dust of … Read More

New project: Louie
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Lately I’ve been wanting to try out something a bit different of what I usually make. Following people like Amanda Spayd showed me that your body of work doesn’t have to be restricted to one technique; and I’ve always been … Read More

Happy Birthday Monster Pie Toys!
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It has been such a great journey. My first year as a sculptor brought me so much! A year ago today I opened my Etsy shop and listed my first items. I’ve had so much fun creating new things, so … Read More

My pretty business cards
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Hey! :) I don’t think I have shown my new business cards to you yet (well, I have on Instagram and Facebook though) so here they are! I really like using sharp, flat colorful shapes, and I did four different … Read More

Meet Octave the parakeet
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Octave’s parents wanted their son to follow in their footsteps and be an opera singer just like them. But Octave wanted to be an entomologist, so he now spends his days studying the most amazing insects (although he wishes sometimes … Read More

Shop update!
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Today’s shop update is live on Etsy! Six new handmade accessories were added, including my all new shrews, the “Léopoldine” design! Hope you like them ;)

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