Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Zoé, a French artist, currently living in England with my fiancé and our dog Echo.

I enjoy playing around with many different mediums, including gouache, acrylics, clay, felt, pretty much everything I can get my hands on. I still don’t know what I’m doing, but the joy I experience during the creative process drives me to experiment and always try new things.

I wanted to share this amazing feeling, so I opened a Twitch channel in 2018, I stream a few times a week and it has been growing ever since! We even have a pretty active Discord community, feel free to stop by any time.

I also have a Ko-fi page if you’d like to support me further! I make a new sticker pack and print every other month to send to my lovely subscribers.

I hope that the little things I make might bring you some joy, or maybe inspire you to create!

Use the contact form below to get in touch, or you can shoot me a message on Instagram.

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