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Hey :)

Happy new year everyone! I hope you enjoyed the festivities :)

I guess some of you have already done some sanding or other messy activity. My problem during winter, is that my workshop in the attic is not especially useable because of the cold… So I have to sand in the living room, with my partner and the dogs. As this year I decided to invest in some equipment to preserve my little lungs and those of the people who surround me predicting I will be really busy this year, here is my portable solution (waiting for my respirator to be able to use my spray cans again). I was inspired by this tutorial I found really amazing!

To make your own sanding booth, you need:

  • A clear plastic storage box, with a lid that closes well (mine is 50L)
  • A Dremel or other similar tool
  • Protective gear (gloves and safety goggles) of course
  • An old sweater/long-sleeved shirt ready to be destroyed
  • A hot glue gun
  • Some elastic bands (unless you’re using tight sleeves)

As for me, I just had to purchase the box, and the whole thing cost me a whopping  !!

First of all, I started sanding for a few minutes to study my posture; the holes in the box need to be placed in a way that would be ergonomical for me. I measured the distance between both of my arms, and the distance between my arms and the table, and marked the holes accordingly. You have to think that ideally, the lid would be placed underneath, so that for cleaning the box you just have to shake the lid outside in the garden.

I then carved the box, taking my time and using my safety equipment.


This was the shirt I used to dye my hair, note the green stains ;) I cut the sleeves long enough to reach the other side of the box with my arms.

Monster Pie - DIY Sanding booth 3


Glueing the sleeves on the outside of the box with my glue gun!



There you go! To avoid that the dust would escape from the sleeves I just put some elastic bands to maintain them in place! This equipment is going to help be being way more productive since I will be able to sand without searching the whole house for a safe spot :)



I added a led strip inside, so that I can have a nice light source to work the volumes better!

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  1. loulette
    | Reply

    ouahh cela a l’air génial (je fais pas de poncage mais du repaint MH ^^ pour infos )effectivement c’est plus simple comme cela pour poncer

    • Zeuh
      | Reply

      Merci <3 Ah oui j'aime beaucoup les MH aussi, j'en avais fait une il y a un moment! J'avais d'ailleurs poncé toutes les lignes de moulage et les reliefs de la culotte^^

  2. Anais
    | Reply

    Best idea EVER! je ne sais pas si je vais me remettre aux dolls, mais c’est vraiment super astucieux!

    • Zeuh
      | Reply

      Merci Anaïs! Mais ouiiii fais donc, fabrique de jolies choses **

  3. Debbie Kaczmarek
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for this, it really helps and motivated me to make my own now! Iv been putting it off for a while! Been limited to what crafting I can do in my home environment during these winter months when I can’t get outside to sand my metals etc..

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