New supplies!

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It’s been a while that I wanted to make something out of resin!

About 6 years ago I stumbled upon the ball-jointed doll community (bjd), and I realised that lots of French artists were making their own: Lillycat, Dust of Dolls, Enaibi; all of these amazing creators were making the toys they dreamt about! So attempt after attempt, over the years, I made several bjd prototypes, most of them were never finished. Here is Honorine though, that I’m still kind of proud of:


So when I was granted a voucher from the University to spend on my business, I jumped on the occasion and bought the supplies I needed to make it happen.

First came the security equipment; I’m a bit paranoiac about breathing in resin fumes or dust, so I got myself a professional spray booth in addition to my half-face respirator.

Then I got some silicone, polyurethane resin and polyurethane pigments; I’m ready to go! Here’s what my workshop looks like today:


I feel proud of it; this is actually my attic! It’s great to have a window just on top, for both light and ventilation.

I will have news of Louie very soon, when I make some tests and horribly fail at casting =D Wait and see!

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