New project: Louie

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Lately I’ve been wanting to try out something a bit different of what I usually make. Following people like Amanda Spayd showed me that your body of work doesn’t have to be restricted to one technique; and I’ve always been so curious about learning new things; so here I am, making an articulated toy out of clay!

Louie 42

It still has a similar feel than my felted toys, it’s the same kind of pear-shaped body type that I love so much. This is the prototype, he is such a poser! His arms and legs are held together by elastics.

Here are a couple of photos of the process:

Monster Pie Toys - Louie wip

Monster Pie Toys - Louie wip

Monster Pie Toys - Louie wip

It is sculpted out of Super Sculpey, then baked and fitted together. He will be soon produced in resin! I love my job.

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