Léopoldine the shrew!

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Léopoldine often falls asleep during the day… while walking for example. Because of that, she often puts herself in danger that she is not even aware about, and wakes up with a bump on her head without knowing why.

Meet the new member of the family! I had so much fun making her and I have to say I think she has become my favourite! I really like her little tail, she can stand up on her own **

She is already available in the shop, and hopefully I will have Léopoldine brooches coming soon ;)

Merry Christmas to you all! <3

4 Responses

  1. Sevy28
    | Reply

    Trop belle, j’adore !

  2. Cari
    | Reply

    Elle est toute chouquette ^^ C’est réellement ma préférée c coup-ci ^^

  3. Mon Amie Koumori
    | Reply

    Je viens de faire le tour de ton blog, j’adore, voilà ^^
    Et bonne année 2015!

    • Zeuh
      | Reply

      Ahahaha jte remercie beaucoup! Ça fait super plaisir! Bonne année à toi aussi, plein de bonnes choses ;)

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